Journey before destination.

My fiance, M., is back from Puerto Rico.  Things have settled down in my world.  At least enough for me to create some music.  I should say a song.  One song.  But it took a full day of focusing most of my attention on it.  (I thought it would be quicker, based solely on how fast Stevie Nicks can do it.  I’m so not Stevie Nicks.)

It’s not a particular genre.  I uploaded it to ‘Ambient.’  (Shrug.)  I like it because I’ve heard it so often it grew on me.  Maybe it’s Trance music.  I used a Mac computer, a Nektar Impact LX49+ midi keyboard, my Alesis/Yamaha electronic drum kit, and my violin with a piezoelectric pickup and scotch tape.  I forgot the name of the keyboard (virtual) instrument.  It’s retro.

I had lots of fun.  I used Garageband software.  It’s incredible for something that came with my computer.  Despite that, I’ve since upgraded to Logic Pro X.  It’s been a few days, but I haven’t exhausted trial and error as my strategy yet.  When I do, I’ll head over to YouTube for some tutorials.

I’ve got Ableton Live Lite as well (It came with the keyboard.)  It looks interesting, but I won’t upgrade to the standard version until I figure out how to use it.  Logic Pro X was a logical step up from Garageband.  I figure once I learn it well enough to use all it has to offer I can assess whether I need anything else.

I did acquire an electric bass this weekend.  I traded an XBOX 360 and two games I don’t play for a generic entry level bass.  (It took me forever to give up my original XBOX, too.)  I won’t miss it since the XBOX One X will be out soon.  (It will be mine.)

It’s ugly.  Navy blue and cheap wood.  But it’s so much easier to play than my acoustic-electric bass.  It’ll do for now.  Still no bass amp.  Until I can play well enough to let others hear it, there’s no point.  I can connect it to my computer with my Scarlet Solo audio interface and practice with virtual amps and headphones.

I have a device for my electric guitar that allows me to do this with my iPad or iPhone.  It’s lots of fun for practicing.  I’ll have to see if it works with my bass.  I have three pocket operators by Teenage Engineering.  Arcade, Robot, and Office.  I’ll be playing with them next week.  They’re tiny synthesizers.  I want to get Sub, Rhythm, and Tonic, as well.

I’ll probably also get the only other one remaining, which is called Factory.  I love how they’re so inexpensive.  It’ll be my first time playing with synths.  I predict I’m going to enjoy them.  I even like the name of the company.  I also have a Korg sampler and Novation Launchpad to figure out.  Squee!

I could do all of this with just my computer and midi keyboard, but I want a more hands-on approach.  I’m off to play with my (non-connected for now) pocket operators.




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