Eminem is about to drop a new album.  I’m buying the CD to support him as an artist.  I love the single, Untouchable.  It reaffirms the fact Eminem is one of the first people to publicly slam white privilege.  This time, he elaborates beautifully with Untouchable.  Eminem uses his voice to address lots of important issues, of course.  He’s a striving spirit who is driven to be his best self.  (That’s all I ask of anyone.)

He makes mistakes, like everyone else, but he recovers.  He grows and evolves from the experiences life throws at him.  He’s also a smartass, which is one of my favorite traits in a human being.  The duet with Beyoncè is a gentle reminder from both artists we need to keep our expectations in check.  I can’t imagine having so many people look to me to amplify their truths, while simultaneously entertaining, relating and reminding us we’re not alone.

It made me listen to Stan, again.  I didn’t forget, but it was still a joyful experience to refresh my memory on Eminem’s incredible abilities as a poet.  It probably seems like my taste in music is unusual, but to me, all my favorite artists have something in common with each other.  They’re exceptional poets.  They’re storytellers.  They’re able to stand out, despite my being overwhelmed by the vast number of performers vying for my support.

Not many rappers reach me.  I don’t enjoy song after song about men mistreating women for being women.  That’s probably explanation enough.  Eminem doesn’t go out of his way to avoid insulting people.  😂  But he’s not one of the rappers whose entire message comes directly, and entirely from his dick.  I don’t enjoy listening to anyone verbally masturbate aggressively; which is all some of them seem to offer.  No.

The only thing I like about that type of rapper is the irony;  Especially when you notice how many openly homophobic rappers feel the need to share intimate details about their alleged sex life with random strangers, (most of whom are of the same gender.)  It’s mildly amusing to listen to someone rap about how powerful they are while also threatening to kill anyone who tweets negatively about them, in the same song.

I enjoy Cardi B. and Nicki Minaj.  Those are my girls when it comes to rap.  Also, Rhianna.  I’ve listened to a lot of rap recently since I practice my drums to Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Songs playlist.  It’s hit and miss, and I skip songs I don’t like.  I’ve discovered it’s an excellent introduction to new artists I wouldn’t otherwise hear.   I can’t get enough of Motor Sport.  I’m off to read.



2 replies to “Eminem

  1. Eminem has always been one of my favorite artists growing up and at a time he once was my favorite artist for a certain stage (Sometime in my teens) you could probably say I was obsessed. He was the only artist I actually had an obsession with, and yes it was probably unhealthy, but not in a childhood crush kinda way. Just like worshipping his music, everything he did kinda way. But none the less, his music helped me through a lot, saved my life probably on a few occasions, he inspired me and I felt like I could relate to his music or him in some ways. He wrote a book back in 2008 I believe, titled The Way I Am an autobiography. My parents bought it for me for Christmas, the hard covered version which I think is actually a limited or collectors edition. I forget. Anyways it not only had like his scrap paper he’d write old or scrap lyrics on and lyrics he used in his songs, as well as a dvd and other nice collector’s items to get from an artist, the biography is a really interesting read and a huge eye opener to the man behind his music. It helped me understand his anger more, his mistakes and s fourth. Not that it made it excusable always, but showed that he is that a human being. It’s a great book and if you get a chance you should check it out if you want. (I am not sure if there is a PDF version available for it.) If they don’t make the hardcovers anymore (again not sure) I know there should still be copies of the soft covers. I also own all of his albums, even ones that were not as up to par for myself personally as his other work, so I will probably look into getting this album eventually just to complete the collection and support him as I still do.

    Great post! Sorry for ranting, but when it comes to Em believe it or not I could have said a lot more got into the politics of his raps, how and why I believe he is one of the bests not just at rap but lyrical wise etc. xD


  2. Thanks for sharing this! It seems like we have similar taste in music. I remember being absolutely giddy when Eminem blew up. Growing up hip-hop in racial isolation put him all over my radar. He’s one of my favorite living poets. I probably should have called this blog, “My Favorite Poets.” 😂


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