Always be prepared to rock

I spent most of today practicing my instruments.  My drumming is continuing to improve.  The Viral Top 50 on Spotify was fun to play along with (for the most part.)  Lots of Latino music, and some reggae.  I have preset kits for both genre’s, but they need to be adjusted.  Latino music is too broad for one preset.  These songs are hip-hop, not mariachi.

I practiced my bass and electric guitar using my computer and Amplitude.  I need to invest in a wireless audio interface for my iPad Pro.  I spent some time doing scales on my acoustic guitar, too.  The weather was mild and melted most of the snow, today.  I took advantage and played my violin outside in the park.  Someone put five dollars in my case!  I wasn’t soliciting tips, (and it’s probably not even legal,) but yay anyway.

I was playing Hi-Lo by Evanescence.  I kind of wonder how it sounded to the few who wandered by (since I was listening to the song with headphones while playing.)  I’m in the planning stage of soundproofing my home office playroom.  It consists mainly of researching cheap alternatives to the bullshit kits sold for outrageous amounts.

rock, baby

My apartment is soundproof already by construction.   I can only hear my neighbors when they’re in the hallway near my door.  I just need to tighten it up a bit so I can play (and record) my violin indoors all winter.  I’m also thinking about building a riser for my drum kit.  I like the bass pedal a little too much, and when I play along to music, I let go and climb inside the beat.  (Sometimes I wish I could stay there forever.)

I don’t have issues with blisters anymore.  It turns out, the gloves I ordered were too big, and the friction from the excess fabric was the culprit.  (Fitting gloves also eliminated my tendency drop sticks.)   I’m such a doof.  It blows my mind how such minor adjustments can make a significant difference.  I haven’t touched my acoustic-electric bass since I got the cheap electric version.  (I need to pass it on to another musician because it’s a decoration now.)  I’m off to read.


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