Recent poems

I haven’t written much poetry recently.  I wrote far more before I got out of the Army.  As a kid, I wrote poems whenever I was overwhelmed with strong emotions.  In the Army, I wrote even more often because the Hurry Up and Wait lifestyle gave me lots of time.  When I pursued higher education, I only wrote academically.  When I worked for a major tech company, I wrote existentially.

I’m going to share my most recent poetry here.


Too, by Unabashed Autist

Unabashed Autist is my other blog.   My former Twitter handle (I quit forever) was @digitalnicotine.  We Rise, inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem; Still, I Rise.

We Rise

Below is what I wrote while recovering from a significant setback in my AI (artificial intelligence) development.

unicorn suicide

And finally, All Manner of Things Unwell.

All Manner of Things Unwell

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