“You see your gypsy”


Stevie Nicks creating magic.

I’m in Denver for a consultation with a new client, (on my pay-it-forward endeavor for Stevie Nicks.) It’s a difficult challenge, but I’ll work it out. The client recently suffered an injury to his spinal chord. He’s played the guitar longer than I’ve existed. I suspect he used to be famous, but I’m not going to ask (because every way I’ve thought of asking so far fails the rudeness test, miserably.)

He thought I might use one of his gazillion guitars to begin. (I recognize their value from the hours I’ve spent perusing expensive guitars on Musician’s Friend.) As if. We’re starting with a notebook and a pencil. I asked him how much he needs it to look like a guitar. While he thought about it, I started counting them. Sixteen guitars in that room alone!

As a musician, I know he’s got some in their cases with humidifiers. I also know he has at least one beat-to-shit sentimental guitar that’s probably older than me. Plus, a 12-string, (because we all buy one eventually.) And that doesn’t even account for the classical guitars presumably in a closet. Just holy shit, I’m in guitar heaven.

I asked him if I could hold the one that most likely cost more than my car. He said no, and that’s when I decided I like him. He invited me to stay at his house while I work out his new instrument, but I said no, thanks. (In my mind, I saw Michelle Obama getting ready to give me The Look if I dared do anything but decline politely.)

Denver is accommodating to my lifestyle. They have Lyft and Uber, but I only use Lyft. Uber is too shady. I don’t understand why neither are available in South Dakota. (Oh, right. It’s still 1960 there.) My client is currently unable to use his left hand. He’s not hopeful it will improve, so I’m building for the status quo.

Other than sentiment, there’s no reason to make it look like a guitar. I told my client the prototype is always fugly, but the final version isn’t. I’ve gotten a sense of his style from looking around his place. I’m going home tomorrow to build and code, which will take a while. He’s also a fan of Stevie Nicks (and has seen Fleetwood Mac in concert several times.) Because you know it’s the first thing I asked. I’m off to think.

Title quote from Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac.  Photos are from Stevie Nicks Official website.

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