Eminem: Revival

I took my time before writing about Revival by Eminem.  I have to listen repeatedly without distraction before I can fully absorb a new album.  Songs are stories layered in code.  I’m better at taking in stories created by intuitive artists.  Intuitive artists seem to slide into my world more easily than technical.  It’s as if they glow.

Eminem is an intuitive and a perfectionist.  I find it fascinating, but I also empathize with him.  It’s probably exhausting.  I read an incredible review of Revival.  It’s incomplete, but I’m sure there was a word limit.  You can’t truthfully summarize Eminem in a single article.  He’s a whole person.  😂

I’ve enjoyed playing along with the album on my drums.  It’s challenging, but fun to play.  I can’t stop singing, River.  I think this is a pre-album.  It’s something for us to absorb while he grows into his next self.  It’s Marshall Mathers mid-transformation.  Unlike the reviewer, I’m excited, about future Eminem.

Amy Lee and Evanescence are there, too.  Synthesis is a hint of great things to come, as well.  While I agree with much of what the reviewer stated, I suspect he doesn’t realize it’s excellent news about Eminem’s future.  Slim Shady died.  Buh-bye.  Marshall Mathers began his career by spitting in The Muses eye.  She’s had him in a headlock ever since.

Apparently, it’s where he needed to exist to be Slim Shady.  It’s forced him to grow up.  Stevie Nicks gently coaxed me into growing up.  I like my journey better.  😂  Shady didn’t survive the transition, thank goodness.  Stagnation murders creativity.  Marshall knows his best is ahead of him.  He just needs to figure out how to be gentle and silent before The Muse.

Jay Z figured it out.  It’s beautiful.  His last album, 4:44, is a manual.  Stevie Nicks is a teacher.  Beyoncè and Sheryl Crow are as well.  I hope Marshall hears them and recognizes his inner Jedi.  I hope his story continues to evolve in the light.  Perhaps Yoda says it best;

Luminous beings we are, not this crude matter.



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