Guitar Hero II

I’m home from Denver.  Guitar Hero’s gear arrived, and he’s taken the initiative to familiarize himself with the new MacBook Pro.  When we met, he seemed depressed and was grieving the loss of his ability to play guitar.  We talked about the option of seeking therapy, but he wasn’t open to it.  Instead, I rounded up and shared some links about grief, depression, and new beginnings.  He’s found them helpful and likes the idea of approaching this project as a new beginning.

He’s also discovering his existing knowledge and status as a master guitarist gives him a massive head start in the endeavor.  He’s not learning new tricks, per se.  He’s learning new ways of using the skills he developed over his lifetime.  He made my day earlier while we talked on FaceTime.  He said he’s going to be a DJ for people with good taste in music.  He’s not an EDM (electronic dance music) fan. Heh.


He already started playing around with the QuNeo.  (He spent more time explaining shit to me than vice versa.)  He’s used professional studios to record for decades, so it’s no wonder he knows what he’s doing.   I’ve never even been in a professional recording studio.  I’m a computer geek and violinist.  (I took two pages of notes.)  Guitar Hero is planning to pay it forward by teaching his niece.  She’s currently studying to be a teacher and has played piano since she was a child.  He’s confident she’ll love learning to create music with her computer, and she’s very likely to teach others what she masters as well.

I enjoy our banter as he cracks me up often.  We’ll continue meeting on FaceTime until he’s confident with Ableton Live.  (It’s about to be updated, so I warned him.)  He played around in GarageBand and was impressed by it.  I told him it’s an excellent tool to start with, but he’ll outgrow it quickly.  I also ordered Logic Pro X preinstalled on the MacBook Pro, so he has the professional version when he’s ready.  I suspect he’ll be using ProTools by this time next year.  (Reportedly found in recording studios and used by sound engineers.)

I asked him what his DJ performance will be like, and he said there wouldn’t be any #%$@^ lasers, and the music won’t suck.  😂  Then he asked me if I was hoping to meet Stevie Nicks someday.  I didn’t know how to respond.  It’s something I’ve thought about before.  I try to imagine how such an encounter would go down.  I’ve never managed to pull it off with any of the people I admire but don’t know personally.  My imagination won’t touch it because my mind doesn’t believe it’ll ever come up.  So I just sat there and said nothing while probably looking like a doof.

I expected him to say something funny about this being the first time I shut up about Stevie Nicks.  Instead, he asked me if I’m a little bit afraid of her.  I said yes, but I don’t understand why.  Then he asked me why I feel a need to pay her back when she’s financially set.  I told him I feel in debt to her (and others) because she’s shared so much of herself, and it’s made my journey happier.  He flashed his shit-eating grin, which usually means he’s about to zing me.  (I was sure he was about to ask me if I’m a hippy.)  Instead, he said Stevie Nicks is lucky to have a fan like me.  It blew my mind. 🤯🙃  I’m off to beat my drums.


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