Home Studio Update

I acquired some more equipment for my home music studio.  I got the Ableton Push 2 and a 3d Midi Fighter from DJTechtools.com.  I spent most of today playing with them.  I love buttons and multicolored LED lights (so much.)  After I’m comfortable using the 3d Midi Fighter for finger drumming, I’m going to map it for writing code, too.  Midi is fabulous.  I went to Etsy.com to see if there were any cool synthesizers last night.   I found a few I plan on acquiring.

Baby Bot 049 is a drone and FX synth made by hand with a recycled doll head.  Re-using plastic in such a whimsical manner for a musical instrument is brilliant.  There’s another version I also want.  Baby Bot 056 is an Atari Punk Console with CV inputs.  The eyes have color changing LEDs in them.  It’s cute and creepy!

Other than those, I’m only purchasing software synthesizers going forward.  I don’t have any more room on my desk for equipment.  I’m a lousy photographer, but I don’t let it stop me from trying.

My setup

Just out of view, the Push 2 is on a laptop stand to the right, and to the left is my 49-key midi keyboard.  The black box with round buttons is the 3d Midi Fighter.  Also pictured is my Akai Rhythm Wolf, Roland Vocal Transformer 3, Microsoft Surface Pro, Korg OK GO volca sampler, Korg volca bass, Novation Launchpad, Numark Orbit, Yamaha MG10XU mixer, Apple Magic trackpad 2, Arturia Beatstep Pro, Keith McMillen QuNexus, my mechanical XMIT keyboard, and Kanto YU5 speakers atop Adam Hall isolation pads on top of yoga blocks.  (The speaker stands I found of the same size were ridiculously priced.) Below is the Ableton Push 2.

The rest is just my fidgets, notes, phone charger, lip gloss, macro keypad, Dell 27″ Ultrasharp 4k monitor, and a big ass gaming mousepad to protect my desk.  Under the clock is a Bluray disc burner.  I blanked out my post-it notes (because nunya.)  I have Decksaver covers for most of it because I’m accident prone.  They’re supposed to be bulletproof, but I think it’s probably bullshit.  Hopefully, it’ll never come up.  Heh.

I stack up the gear I’m not using and set it aside so my desktop doesn’t look so overwhelming, (like in the photo.)  My Mac mini is mounted under the desk, along with my audio interface and a powered USB hub.  Most of it works with my iPad Pro 10.5, too.  I have Korg Gadget for IOS, which is incredible.  I had a blast connecting everything up and playing.  It gave me lots of ideas for songs to work out in the future.  That’s all I have for show and tell.  I’m off to read.

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