“Joey does not share food!”

Welp.  Someone else purchased the Baby Bot 56 from Moon Armada on Etsy.  I knew I shouldn’t have waited to buy it.  I didn’t want to go find my wallet at the time.  When I do little errands like that, it’s rare when I return promptly.  I usually get distracted for a while.  (I blame the pets.)

I emailed the shop owner a bit ago and asked if he plans on selling more.  I also asked if he can recycle some of my designer vinyl toys into synthesizers.  I took photos of the first that looked viable.

Designer Vinyl toys

I have several more figures I’m willing to sacrifice for the music.  The little blue one is a Munny.  I have an 18″ version that glows in the dark, (but I don’t know if I’m cool about cutting it.)  The Ralph Wiggum (The Simpsons) figure is a favorite, but I’d like him more as an Atari Punk Synthesizer with CV inputs, and color changing LED eyes.

I envision Domo (upper right) with the color changing eyes, and motion detectors in the shape of an afro for a theremin type synthesizer.  I forgot the name of the taller blue and white toy.  It’s like a creepy Mickey Mouse, kind of.  He could do with a matrix mixer out of his feet and a head synthesizer.  I’m not at all attached to it, so I may experiment with it myself.

I’m glad someone else thought the Baby Bot 56 is fabulous.  I hope the store owner continues to make more.  If he can make them out of Funko Pop! Bobblehead toys (hollow heads), I’ll be ecstatic.  I have SWTFA Luke, two different General Leia Organa,  Han Solo, Rey, and Finn.  😆

One of them will need to be a sampler so I can load up Seinfeld and Friends bytes.  I was already in love with synthesizers.  Now we’re going steady.  Heh.  I decided I’m going to name posts on this blog after Friends quotes, starting with this post.  I’m off to imagine what else would make an incredible synthesizer.

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