“So good for Monica.”

Little Boy Super Hero ConceptIt’s been a fun day.  I recently passed a kidney stone, and I’m so happy to be out of pain, I decided to celebrate by renting some time on a studio grade acoustic drum kit.   I didn’t realize it the last time I visited, but there’s a recording studio in the building, too.

When I was walking down the hall, a door opened, and I got a glimpse of a gigantic mixing board.  Unfortunately, the door closed before I was done looking.  I had a blast experimenting with the kit.  I had the room for an hour.

On my electronic kit, I don’t use the toms or cymbals much.  I’m all about the hi-hat, snare, and bass.  I finally got to try a double bass pedal.  It’s fun, but I don’t want one anymore.  If any of you hip-hop lovers ever wondered if it’s possible to have too much bass, the answer is yes.

I like to control the tempo with a gentler approach.  I see my role when drumming as the invisible trickster who entertains the band while maintaining the beat as transparently as possible.  I love to stop playing when a lyrical point is being driven home, then slide back in smoothly.

I quit playing before my hour was up because I wore myself out.  When I walked out, there were two men outside the door.  Turns out, one of them owns the place.  He was listening to me play and asked me if I’m in a band.  We talked for about five minutes.

He told me to stop by next week if I want to play with other musicians.  Squee!  And then I left before I made it awkward.  Yay.  I’ve been making it through lots of small talk situations by copying how Stevie Nicks does interviews.  It’s far less stressful.  I’m off to read.

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