“15 Yemen Road, Yemen.”

I had a good day.  I worked from home because it’s ridiculously cold outside.  The high temperature didn’t even break zero.  Working at home is one part of being a civilian I can get behind wholeheartedly.  The most significant difference is not having to wear headphones.  I listened to Stevie Nicks songs all day.  And since my near neighbors were at work, I played it loudly.   🙃

I heard Leather and Lace about twenty times in a row.  Then I played Trouble in Shangrila at least as many times.  I should probably just say I did this with several of her songs, rather than list each and how often.  Heh.  (You’re welcome.)  It was a pure sonic pleasure.  Her albums are mixed and mastered so well I don’t get fatigued when listening for long periods of time.

I have sensitive ears.  I still haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie because the theaters have the volume so high it makes me hurl.  It sucks, but hopefully, I’ll still be kicking it when it comes to Bluray.  💪🏽 I’m auditory oriented and recognize people by their voice more efficiently than their appearance.

Poorly mastered albums frustrate the crap out of me.  I ignore a lot of music because of this issue.  When I heard there was a band called, Imagine Dragons, I was instantly intrigued.  Unfortunately, the mastering ruined it for me.  I haven’t written them off, though.

I’m hoping they gain control over these things in the future, and acquire a %#&$ peak limiter or something.  I learned from studying Evanescence there’s a learning curve for recording bands.   I think Imagine Dragons will outgrow the issue.  It’s possible Stevie Nicks has used the same engineers throughout her recording career.  Her group is tight.  Thank goodness, because they sound excellent together.  I’m off to play Warcraft with M.

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