“Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it!”

It’s been a fun weekend. I spent time yesterday playing drums for a local band. When we were finishing up, I was invited to join the group (for drumming and backup vocals.) I made sure they understand I can only do one or the other, not both. They acted like they figure I’ll manage both eventually.  (I didn’t mention I’m autistic.)

When we were winding down, I saw a drum machine and asked if I could try it. Soon, I constructed a simple beat and started some old dance moves from when I was in a crew, (in the 80’s.) I had fun proving to myself I can still do it. Unfortunately, today the bill came due. I feel like I fell down the stairs or something. Sigh.

Everything hurts, so I didn’t do anything physical beyond stretching today. I spent most of it recreating from ear the theme song to Final Fantasy 7 using synthesizers and Logic Pro X. (I took some liberties, as well.) I uploaded it so you can hear my interpretation.

It was fun, and I learned lots. I thought more about The Teedee Project. After more thought, using the name seems a bit audacious on my part. The last thing I want to do is infringe in any way on the very person I’m trying to repay. I don’t know the rules, and it’s not like I can ring her up and ask permission. So I’m leaning more toward using, 4TD.

This way, the acknowledgment is there, but more subtly. Stevie Nicks has stated many times she doesn’t use social media and has no computer. I got the feeling she’s not impressed by it in the least. Heh. It makes me feel better about not participating in it either.

Even when I’m reconstructing a song I know by ear, it takes a lot longer than I expected. I can’t blame it on getting up every few minutes this time, either. At least I’m having a great time.

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