“Chandler entered a Vanilla Ice look-alike contest and won!”


I just got back from Denver, where I decided I’m going to use medical marijuana to treat my PTSD.  I’ve experimented since legalization, then quit out of respect for Stevie Nicks.  I recognize the difference between using it pharmaceutically, and for no other reason than I can.  I don’t believe it’s disrespectful in this way.

I can only utilize it when I visit Colorado or one of the other legal states.   It’s illegal in South Dakota, (and the consequences of using here are ridic.)  I got a disposable vaporizer as it’s perfect for tourists.  One hit is all I need, and it seems to last about two hours.  I give whatever I have leftover to my nephew who lives there before I fly home.

We visited Guitar Hero before heading to our lot to plant trees.  M. likes him, too.  He purchased a Push 2 for Ableton Live 9 and upgraded to the suite tier.  He loves it as much as I do and has already written a song.  The student has surpassed the teacher.  I knew he’d speed by me quickly with his pre-existing knowledge.  I played my violin for him (as promised.)

He complimented my playing and suggested I get an electric violin.  I told him I’m going to build a midi violin, instead.  I want it to be matte black with an RGB LED inlay in a floral pattern on the neck.   (That’s as far as I’ve gotten with the design.)  Guitar Hero told me M. is a good catch.  I’m glad they hit it off.  GH told me he bets Stevie Nicks uses weed when writing songs.  (I didn’t realize it’s also a creative tool.)  Then I asked him what famous musicians he knows, and he rolled his eyes like a fifteen-year-old girl.  (He put his whole body into it.)

Teen girl


I think it means he didn’t want to tell me.  Later, M. said it was an asshole question, and reminded me how I feel when people ask me if I killed anyone while serving in the Army.  Noted.  We talked about how things are going with the project.  I told him what I’ve been up to, and how I’ve gone back and forth about a name for it.  He agrees 4TD is a better option.  Then he explained how Stevie Nicks is also a brand, etc.

It led to a lecture about piracy, copyright infringement, and privacy.  I started to say I never do, but GH told me he’d seen this website.  (That shut me up while I thought back to what I’ve posted so far.)  I need to link and acknowledge ownership in every photo, not just the ones I get from the official Stevie Nicks website.  Also, I found out I can’t sample an entire song.  (Even if it’s just what I remember of it.)  I thought it didn’t matter if I wasn’t trying to sell it, but now I understand.  I’m off to beat my drums with sticks.

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