“Oh God! Can open! Worms everywhere!”

Slow - Children playing

Just a flyby.  I got a little ragey yesterday, so the Muse is ignoring me until I let go of it.  All the way.  Sigh.  So the song isn’t finished yet.  At least I still learned something.  I understand why famous artists sometimes treat the Muse as if she’s their little bitch, now.  It’s because sometimes she’s as effing mean as your mom was when you needed her to be just a bit more flexible over something important to you, and she ignored your ass like an unsolicited salesman, looking right at her through the window while knocking on the door.

Maybe tomorrow.  Also, I do not have the receipts to even look at the Muse without checking my face first.  Noted in ink.  Stevie Nicks can probably get away with calling her a bitch to her face.  😂  (Fleetwood Mac has gold-plated receipts to match Mick’s gold-plated hardware.)  I’m off to work on that rage thing.

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