“If you want to receive e-mails about my upcoming shows, then please give me money so I can buy a computer.”

The Muse still has me on ignore.  I’m confident it won’t last much longer, though.  I did dream-ponder about the structure of a song, which is helpful.  My song is currently not finished because it needs a bridge.  See?  Helpful.  So maybe I’m on ignore, but she’s still sending pity inspiration.  I’ll take it.

My first real microphone arrived.  It’s a Rode NT USB.  It came with a desktop stand and pop filter.  It looks delightfully weird and is all black with a barely visible blue LED light when on.  I love it.  I can plug my headphones into it directly to monitor.

Omega stand

Omega Stacker

I’m in the middle of turning my keyboard stand into a more useful component setup.  It began as a K&M Omega stand with the Omega Stacker.  I ordered some machine cut glass sheets to act as shelves on both levels.  Then I applied some faceted privacy film to the glass and arranged my gear.  All that’s missing is the LED lighting.  I just need to solder some LED light strips, cut some channels to the right lengths, and install.  Then I’ll take crappy pictures and do a show and tell.

I’m being trained to be a real drummer by the leader of my new band.   So far, the training entails setting up and tearing down an acoustic kit.  Once I’ve done it successfully fifty times, I’ll find out what comes next.  I’ve managed to do it nine times so far.  Tomorrow he’s adding a floor tom.  So far, I’ve learned I’m a poser, and being a poser is pathetic.  Also, claiming I’m a drummer is disrespectful to all real drummers, and they hate that.

I only bitched about it to Guitar Hero, who told me if he knew I was going around claiming to be a drummer, he would have set me straight before I embarrassed myself.  (Almost a quote.  There may have also been an implication to my owning toy drums.) Whatever.  I’ll be back at the studio tomorrow, ready for more.  (I mastered this game in the Army, so it’s amusing.)  Hopefully, I’ll be able to resume working on the song soon.  At least I finally slept after a stressful 3-night insomnia fest.  I’m off to read.

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