“Come on Ross, you’re a paleontologist, dig a little deeper.”

Today sucked.  The kid to whom I was going to give my acoustic-electric bass stopped by with his mom earlier.  The second I opened the door, it became clear he failed to mention my skin color to her.  I wonder if it was the first time he ever saw his mom behave this way.

Barn Swallow

So, I still have an acoustic-electric bass I don’t use.  Now it has a nice hard case, too.  I told the kid to listen to Stevie Nicks when they were halfway down the hall, on their way out.  He turned, nodded, waved, then got in trouble for it.  I hope he listens.

want to set my ears on fire
to burn away her words
scratch my eyes until I can’t see the hate
that won’t stop screaming

how dare you
how dare you
how dare you

tears betraying my pride
heart a pain magnet
mind searching for my folly
spirit railing

how dare you
how dare you
how dare you

black bitch don’t know her place
nigger, who taught you how to read?
think you’re better?
you ain’t shit

how fucking dare you!

don’t understand the question
don’t understand the hate
don’t understand my mistake
don’t understand

I hate word bullets.  They don’t pierce and exit.  They remain lodged forever and ache when it rains.  Swallow it up and keep walking.  Swallow it up and stop talking.


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