“How you doin’?”


I found a new client to help, today.  It’s a little girl who wants to be a drummer.  I haven’t met her yet, but I talked to her mom.  I went with M. to brunch, but when I came out, my car wouldn’t start.  Dead battery.  It wasn’t terribly cold outside, thank goodness.

I keep a battery charger in my trunk, so I was able to jump it easily.  It doubles as an external battery pack for devices, too.  Well done, China.  I popped my hood and was assembling and connecting it when the woman I mentioned pulled in next to me.

She asked if we needed a ride, and I said I didn’t think so, but thanks.  She stayed to make sure I got my car started, then when I went to thank her, she asked me if I’m autistic.  I nodded, and she introduced herself.  Then she asked if I had time to chat for a bit.

I agreed, but I was mostly wondering to myself what I did to give myself away.  (I still don’t know.)  She told me about her daughter, and I told her about myself, (starting with the fact that I’m in a band because it’s the coolest thing about me.)

She got excited when I mentioned I play drums.  Her kid has one of those tabletop plastic drums (it’s a toy.)  She spends lots of time with it, but it’s functions are limited.  Then I got excited and asked her if she wants me to help.  She does.  Yay.

She’s bringing her to the studio tomorrow after school.  I’ll be there setting up and tearing down the drumkit.  I’m a lot quicker at it now than when I first began.  Heh.  I have a ways to go yet, but it’s easy.  The kit has grown to include a gong, chimes, and a floor tom.


I already know what kit I want to get for the kid, assuming she wants it.  It’s a newly revised product that looks fabulous.  I’m so thrilled to have another client.  🙃  I also have lots of 7B sticks she can have since I’m using 5A’s now.  If she’d prefer an acoustic kit, I’ll talk to my band leader. I’m off to find a new book.

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