“Is it obvious I’m wearing six sweaters?”

drummer girl

I missed the first half of the week due to a kidney stone, but I’ve since passed it.  When I returned to the studio to continue my drum training, I brought along a new student.  She’s only 8 and hilarious.  She asked my band leader why setting up an acoustic drum kit 50 times is necessary.

He asked her if she wants to be a drummer, and she nodded.  Then she asked again.  I just stood there and grinned because I wanted to ask as well, but knew better.  He told us it’s all part of the skill set.  Next week, we’re learning how to tune them.  I didn’t realize drums could be tuned but managed to refrain from stating it.

I call it the Stevie Nicks Method.  It consists of taking my time and only speaking after thinking first.  It’s helping with my speech, too.  All that time in speech therapy and all I needed to do was pace myself.  😂  I don’t have to match my speaking to the speed of my thoughts, (which is a relief because I’ve never really pulled it off.)

Now I only have trouble when I’m overtired.  I surfed Sweetwater.com with the kid, (L) and she thinks the Roland drum kit is bugly (butt ugly.)  She prefers the Octopad in black and thinks it’s ludicrous to get “big drums” when pads work fine and would fit in her backpack.

I thought about all the finger-drumming I’ve done of late, and understand what she means.  I do resent the space my kit takes up in my home studio, but I also like playing with it.  I could get by with an Octopad, but nope.  It’s too late for me.  I know it’s just a matter of time before I buy an acoustic kit.  She hasn’t played the fantastic DW studio grade kit yet.  It changes you, and there’s no going back.

Octopad kit

I ordered her the Octopad, a stand, pedal triggers, and some sticks.  She didn’t want a throne because she already has a pretty chair that will work just as well.  When we looked at the thrones online, she made me laugh so hard.  She asked me why everything they sell is so bugly.  I told her it’s because people have different taste.

She’s a quick study and has good natural rhythm.  We practiced rudimentary exercises on practice pads after setting up the beat up drum kit a few times.  Then we swept the floors in the practice rooms and left.  I can tell it was the first time she’s ever used a broom.  I can’t remember if I knew how to use one at her age.  Probably not.  She’ll be joining me again on Monday.

Her mom picked her up, and I could tell she was telling her about the kit we ordered by how excitedly she talked while they drove off.  I’m showing my band leader what I can do with Ableton Live 10 and my Push 2 tomorrow.  He uses Cubase and Nuendo.  I’ll also be practicing singing with a headset mic while drumming.  I’m a lot nervous about it.  Hopefully, it’ll help me focus.

I’m pretty good at programming my brain to do things, eventually.  I just have to practice a lot.  He did compliment me on figuring out harmonies to the songs we’ve been practicing.  It surprised me because I never really thought about it.  It’s because I sing along with everyone I listen to and have a pitiful limited range.  I’m working on extending it so I can hit lower notes, though.  I’d better try and get some sleep soon.  I’m off to unwind.

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