“Cheese! It’s milk that you chew!”

Mixer close-up

I had a good day today, despite not getting much sleep last night.  I think it’s partly because I know I’ll sleep well tonight since my meds arrived.  I spent time in the studio with my band leader this afternoon.  I managed to sing backup vocals while drumming over the weekend but I need to work on my volume.

It was my first time singing and playing an instrument at the same time, so I was pretty anxious.  I’m relieved I pulled it off at all and did better today.  I’m the only one in our group that doesn’t have a strict work schedule.  It’s entirely working in my favor.  I usually do more before 9AM than my coworkers do all day.  (I’ve wanted to say that since I got out of the Army.)  😂

I Facetimed with Guitar Hero when I got home earlier.  He critiqued some of the music I’ve created recently.  I’ve been trying to approach it like Stevie Nicks, but he informed me there’s a problem with my strategy.  She had years of experience before she even became famous that I don’t.  She used to sing with her grandfather when she was a little girl, for example.  Also, she started writing songs and playing guitar at age 16.

While we both navigate by intuition, it’s probably the only thing we share.  I used to sing while my big sister played piano at her recitals.  I also sang in church, but my family got kicked out of our church when I was 8.  (The last straw was when my brother swallowed the Sunday School goldfish on a dare.)  It’s not a sufficient foundation for singing or producing.  I’ve played violin since I was 4, so I do have some skills with music in general.  But I need more.

Guitar Hero said, “Look at me.  You’re not Stevie Nicks.  You’re not Amy Lee.  You need to read a *&^#$@ book or ten.”  When I finished laughing, I asked him if he has any suggestions.  He said, “Amazon.”  😂  So tomorrow I’ll be looking for books on music production.  If you have any more specific suggestions, hit me up in the comments, please.

When I brought my laptop and Push 2 to the studio, my band leader was impressed with the tools.  Less so with my mastery of them, but I haven’t had them for very long.  He did say he’s glad I’m learning.  Both conversations left me feeling motivated to learn more.  I acquired a new Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator (Factory), and another Korg Volca (Keys).  Then I rearranged my workstation a bit, so here come the crappy photos:

Home Music Studio Porn

Home Music Studio Porn

I got some pictures of Stevie Nicks on Etsy, too.  The other items were identified in my last home studio update.  In the corner near the light strip is my didgeridoo.  (I can’t do circular breathing, but I still like playing it.)  My gaming setup is under the window.  I’m probably going to build a PC for music production soon.  My Mac mini is excellent for Logic Pro X and Mainstage, but I want more power for Ableton Live 10 and my software synthesizers.  (Plus, I hate not being able to upgrade Apple products with a passion.)

I’m off to continue reading The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens.

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