“But they don’t know that we know they know we know!”


We had band practice on Saturday, and it was super fun.  I got to sing lead on a cover of Don’t Know Why I Love You by  Stevie Wonder.  I’ve only heard the Jackson 5 version so far, so I channeled Michael Jackson and ran with it.  I used to sing it often as a kid with my two oldest brothers, (usually for their girlfriends.)  Eventually, I got upset over people telling me I sang like a boy.  (Getting cast as The Artful Dodger in a local production of Oliver! didn’t help my complex.)

I didn’t have trouble with volume this time.  I still sound like a boy when I sing, but it doesn’t bother me anymore.  Much.  Although I’m working on lowering my range.  Heh.  At least I can sing with lots of soul.  My oldest brother introduced me to soul music when I was around five.  I spent hours at his house singing along with his records and copying what I heard.  I realize now he was teaching me some African American culture.

I’m thankful my adopted family did things like this when I was growing up.  My mom made sure I read novels by African American authors, such as Maya Angelou and Alice Walker.  I think it’s essential for interracially adopted children to be introduced to their original culture.  Aside from my little sister, I didn’t meet another African American until I was twelve.  My mom hired a black woman at a local university to visit with us.

Music rules

It was sometimes traumatic growing up in a virtually all-white community.  I didn’t know how to express my feelings or thoughts as a child.  I didn’t know to inform my parents whenever I was mistreated when they weren’t present.  I assumed they wouldn’t understand because they weren’t black.  Now when I see Caucasian parents who adopt children of color, I make a point to talk to them.  I ask them to be sure and let their kid(s) know it’s okay to confide in them about these things.

I spent the morning writing code and all afternoon at the studio.  I like spending time there.  After setting up the drum kit several times, we talked about our favorite musicians.  My band leader assumed Beyoncé is my favorite, which sort of irked me.  I mean, of course, I love Beyoncé.  She’s fabulous.  But Stevie Nicks and Amy Lee are who awe and inspire me.  It’s so annoying when people imply skin color has anything to do with music.  And here I thought I was the one formerly living under a rock.  He apologized, though, and let me play Synthesis by Evanescence on the gigantic loudspeakers.  He liked it and was surprised because he thought they were a metal band.

Then he listened to me go on and on about how Amy Lee is continuously growing and experimenting with her sound.  She can do metal, rock, acapella, acoustic, electronic, hip-hop, and whatever else she fancies.  Then I started to school him on Stevie Nicks, but he told me he has her entire music catalog and has seen her perform live.  (!!!)  I like him better, now.  Heh.  I’ll be back tomorrow to work on mic control.  There’s a lot more to it than I imagined.  He recorded me singing, then let me listen on the monitors, which was embarrassing.

Music Studio

I dropped it twice and held it too close when breathing.  Among other things.  Sigh.  More practice.  I did better after hearing how poorly I handled it the first time, though.  Heh.  I got some books to read later.

I’ll order more when I finish.  I’m off to practice my drums while not smiling, then while singing.  I’m such a doof.  😂


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