“You ever realize Captain Crunch’s eyebrows are actually on his hat?”

little girl

I’ve been silent of late, (my voice has fled again.)  For once, I don’t mind.  I noticed something about little girls.  (An incredibly general observation based on my little sister and niece when we were children, my prodigy, and L, with whom I’m learning to drum.)  They enjoy speaking on my behalf when I’m unable, and they do it well.  I’m not sophisticated by any stretch, but it still fascinates me how they sense what I’m thinking.

L is hanging out with me this weekend.  Her parents are away celebrating Easter with extended family.  I love the fact her parents recognize how overwhelming large family gatherings can be to those of us on the autism spectrum.  They’re doing a remarkable job parenting her because she’s usually happy, unafraid, and alive.  I enjoy her company.  She spent most of the morning exploring my stuff.  We’re going to see Ready Player One later.    I’m delighted as I love the novel, and Steven Spielberg directed the film.  (He’s a favorite because of A.I. and The Color Purple.)

She’s currently playing with my Pocket Operators.  I printed out the legends for each of them and put them in a binder because the cases cover up the functions written on them.  She saw Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time with her dad.  I told her (typed) I haven’t seen them yet and didn’t even need to explain why.  She’s going to teach me how to handle exciting films in a theater tonight, so I don’t have to wait for the Blu-ray.  Yay.

I slept well last night, finally.  I used a single drop of CBD oil and awoke refreshed.  We talked (typed in my case) about Amy Lee and Stevie Nicks until I fell asleep.  L already liked Fleetwood Mac before we met.  She thinks Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie are the reason the band rules.  Her explanation blew my mind, (and of course, I agree.)  It made me think about a lot of bands that could eliminate all but one or two members and use a backup track without losing their magic.

little girl listening to music

Stevie Nicks fought through a lot of generational bullshit.  I don’t think people realize how strong and intelligent she is.  Beyoncé climbs mountains of bullshit to share her incredible talent, and she’s still snubbed and underrated.  Amy Lee has barely had time to exhale from all the shit she’s had to wade through to shine.  Even Sheryl Crow has to deal with unbelievable amounts.  But the hilarious bit is it’s only made them stronger and brighter.  They’ve all mastered the art of shining through whatever life throws at them.  Then they turn it into something beautiful.

L is as fascinated by this as I am.  She said she’s going to turn ugly into beautiful, too.  I told her it’s a fabulous idea.  She’s a neat kid.  We’re going to celebrate Easter by dancing, playing music, and eating candy.  I hope your celebration is also joyful if you celebrate.  I’m off to get ready for the movie.

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