“If you buy a mattress from Janice’s ex-husband, isn’t that like betraying Chandler?”


I worked on a new song today.  It’s been a while since I’ve composed a song since I’ve been reading about music composition and theory.  It’s different now.  I’m pickier.  Perhaps less willing to compromise as well.  And that’s from only three books.  Well, four.  I added another titled, last night a dj saved my life:  the history of the disk jockey, by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton.

I’m noticing a trend.  I’m taking extreme liberties calling it a pattern, considering it’s based solely on my observations so far.  😂  Anyway, it seems the more I know about music theory, the less I’m able to tolerate what other people think about the music I create or enjoy.  Pretty sure it’s in that order, too.

That means I won’t be reading much else on music theory going forward.  Intolerance worked my last nerve ages ago.  Instead, I’m going to study (the making of video) In Your Dreams by Stevie Nicks.  I recall a scene that’s lead me to suspect Stevie Nicks may have an eidetic-like memory for music, like me.  When the musicians tried to switch things up on another take, she noticed and remembered the version she preferred instantly and with certainty.

It was music they were in the process of creating, not something recorded she’d heard several times.  It jumped out at me when I first saw the film.  Mostly because at some point I apparently decided anything I have in common with Stevie Nicks makes me a bit amazing.  I may never know, (but so I’m counting it anyway.)  🙃

I’ve been using my midi keyboard a lot recently.  It’s got cheap plastic keys that make sounds when I play.  However, since it’s a midi keyboard, the sounds won’t affect the music.  They just annoy me a little.  The keys are flimsy and light, so I’m struggling to find any comfort in playing them.  That’s all it took to talk me into looking at alternatives.

Roland E-A7

After seeing what Amy Lee used in the making of video for Synthesis, (Roland E-A7, I think,) I looked at what was available for my skill level.  I found a few in the $200-$400 range by Casio and Yamaha that would serve me well.  Then I decided I’m better off wearing headphones while I play on my cheap midi keyboard until I’m skilled enough to buy an instrument I’d want to own.  I want a Roli Seaboard Rise 49.  I’m going to work on building my keyboarding skills so I can justify owning it.

Seaboard Rise 49

It plays heavily into my synthesizer obsession, and I don’t want a thousand hardware keyboards in my playroom.  I’m better off buying one good midi interface and sticking to software synths.  I love instruments I can store in the cloud.  But I would still like getting lost in a synthesizer museum with a please, touch everything policy.  I’m off to read.

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