“Phoebe just found out about Monica and Chandler.”


I have a new client for the 4TD project.  I’m super excited because the process has already led to two friends I communicate with often;  Guitar Hero and Drummer Girl.  This is the first client with whom I have lots in common.  She’s a teenager who was interracially adopted, just like me.  We met at Target in the electronics section.

She’s getting ready to finish her sophomore year of high school.  She participates in school sports and enjoys drawing and painting.  She showed me a few of her works on her phone, and I’m impressed with her abilities.  She also loves music;  especially Beyoncé.  We discussed her recent performance at Coachella with much enthusiasm.

I asked if she’s ever seen her perform live.  Neither of us has been to a Beyoncé concert.  Her disappointment at not being able to attend was palpable.  One of her frenemies has been boasting about acquiring tickets for the Beyoncé/Jay-z tour.  She’s upset because this person isn’t even a fan.  I have to admit, it irked me too.

I asked if she thought she would be allowed to go if she had an adult sponsor who could chaperone, provide transportation, and pay for the tickets, food, and accommodations.  She stared at me for a moment, then started screaming.  It was so loud and high pitched I had to cover my ears.  Then she hugged me while jumping up and down for a bit, and took off to find her mom.


I’m pretty sure I just stood there being stunned until she returned.  This is when we exchanged names for the first time, which seemed odd, but whatever.  She introduced me to her mom and excitedly told her I had offered to accompany her to see Beyoncé in concert.  Her mom was nice but needed us to slow down and fill in the blanks.  M came up and joined the conversation.

I told her mom I was also interracially adopted by a Caucasian family.  Turns out, she knew my mom from the social services agency that handled both our adoptions.  The concert is in August.  J, the new client, will be bringing her bestie pending permission.  We’re going to drive there the day before and visit the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.  (It’s practically a requirement for visiting Minneapolis from out of state.)  Then drive home the day after the concert.  M is going too, of course.  Also, his sister S will join us.  Yay.

This is going to be my first huge concert, ever.  I’m super excited and it’ll give me a far better idea of what to expect when Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks next tour because I’m so there.  The tickets are purchased and hotel rooms reserved.  I hope her bestie can attend, but if not, I’m sure we’ll find someone else to join us.  I’m super excited.  I can’t believe I’m going to see Beyoncé perform!

J’s mom bought us dinner at Applebees while we solidified our plans.  I thought that was awesome.  She thinks the 4TD project is fab and is a huge fan of Stevie Nicks.  Now I know who else I’m bringing to the next concert.  J also enjoys Stevie Nicks.  She visited earlier to borrow my copy of the In Your Dreams DVD.  I don’t mind sharing it (since I also purchased the download.)  I’m so excited!

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