“It was the best nap ever!”



I love Tidal.  I just changed up my speaker situation in my home studio.  Most notable is the addition of a subwoofer on my Mac workstation.  I’m powerless before my some of the latest releases in hip-hop.  Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have dropped so much joy in my life.  I’m so proud of both of them I can barely stand it.  I feel a bit cooler just because I’m of the same species.  I love people who make me glad I’m human.  (edited:  RIP Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.  Hate kills.)

Rhianna.  She could start a war.  Heh.  I love it.  Black Panther comes out on Bluray May 15th.  Thank you, universe.  I needed that.  I’m still in the process of rearranging my setups.  My new Windows workstation is coming along nicely.  M is upgrading my former gaming workstation with the new AMD chip.  He’s helping with the VR game I’m developing.  It’s the only reason I’m willing to give up my 1080Ti light and dark side Star Wars Nvidia cards.  (The force is in balance.)

HTC Vive Pro

Plus, he just purchased the new  HTC VIVE Pro.  We set up his apartment living room as an ideal playing area.  I can’t complain about how much time he spends on it because he’s doing it for me, mainly.  Plus, it’s fantastic.  I can only wear it for about two hours before I start feeling motion sickness.  I’m thinking about getting the new Oculus Go 64GB.  My only hesitation is that I already have the Playstation VR and the Samsung Gear VR.

oculus-goI like the design and portability.  It’s probably what will end up being the mainstream choice.  Smart move, Oculus.  (Even though you’re owned by Facebook.)  I ordered some new legs for my Windows workstation.  Naturally, I’ve named this desk, Lt. Dan.  Just so I can say, “Lt. Dan,  you got new legs” in my best Forest Gump voice.  (I’m weird like that.)  I’m keeping it below the window, though.  It just works there.

I’m more relaxed in my home studio now.  I’ve only made minor changes, but the biggest has been installing more lighting.  I love the fairy-like atmosphere from strategically positioned LED lights in various colors.  This is my happy place because it’s where I write, play video games, produce music, and play synthesizers.  I’ve also been catching up on watching the Big Bang Theory.  I’m about halfway through season 9.  I love it.  Plus, Regina King is in it, and I love her.  She’s who I’d pick to play me in a movie about my life.

I’m having fun learning my new music production tools.  In the future, I’m going to try and practice digital art on a regular basis.  I think of images I’d like to create often.  I just need to increase my skills so I can pull it off.  Practicing is basically my full-time occupation presently.    I practice my drums, keyboarding, violin, bass, guitar, and singing every other day, (not all on the same day but certainly on a schedule.)

I’m glad I’m in a band, so I can point at something and say this is why I do this.  But deep down I know it’s because I enjoy it.  I can’t even imagine living under a rock anymore.  I’ve changed and am receiving the increased joy I initially sought when I finally set that heavy rock down.  The power of music awes me.

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