“I’m telling you, being pregnant is no piece of cake. Ooh! Cake!”

Fleetwood Mac 2018

I found out Lindsey Buckingham is no longer part of Fleetwood Mac.  Oh.  They’re tour starts in October.  I’m so there.  I don’t know where I’ll be seeing them yet as it’s my birthday present from M, and my birthday is next month.  I strongly suspect it’ll be Minneapolis or Denver.  Sometimes Omaha gets decent concerts, so it’ll be a surprise.  Best birthday present ever, regardless.

Apparently, Lindsey refused to tour when the rest of the band was ready.  I just wrote a whole paragraph about this and deleted it.  (It’s not my business.)  I have at least five months of joyful anticipation to see Fleetwood Mac perform live.  Yay.  If they come to Sioux Falls, I’ll…  I don’t know.  But it’ll involve lots of jumping up and down.

I’ve been spending lots of time playing my synthesizers.  I’ve also been learning Ableton Live and my Push 2.  I’m delighted by the fact I only have to master one DAW, and it’ll translate to whichever one I use.  Yay.  My Korg Volca Keys is currently my favorite digital nicotine.  It’s so easy to lose a few hours playing with it.

My drumming has reached the point where I feel a bit snobby about actual drummers vs. drum machines.  I appreciate the nuances a human performer adds to the music.  Subtle imperfections add life to sound.  It’s fascinating.  I was aware of this phenomenon from the violin, but I had no idea it would apply to drumming, too.  Bonus.

band practice

My band is practicing every night this week in preparation for our first gig.  I’m so nervous and excited.  Mostly nervous.  So much.  I’m just hoping I don’t throw up at this point.  (And regret seeing that scene in Pitch Perfect 2.)  I keep telling myself no matter what happens, at some point in the future, it will seem funny.  Sigh.  I’m off to practice.

*- Fleetwood Mac photo by Randee St. Nicholas

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