Happy Birthday, Stevie Nicks!

The Outsider by Stephen King

I’ve been busy practicing with my band for our first gig.  While I’m nervous as hell, I’m having lots of fun.  Two of my songs made the set list.  Yay.  I’d say our sound is similar to that of Linkin Park.  A bit of metal, alt. rock, and hip-hop.

Drummer Girl was a hit at her talent show.  She worked with my band leader to create a showcase of her skills.  She played along with a mashup of songs familiar to most of her peers on her electronic kit.

I helped with her outfit.  She looked like a member of a hip-hop drum corps.  Instead of a hat, her mom braided her hair like Princess Leia (side buns.)  I’m so proud of her.  She’s going to her first band camp this summer.

I’m not doing any traveling for Memorial Day weekend.  M is tired from a long week, so we’re just chilling.  I gave him the Xbox One X for his birthday recently, and he’s bonding with it like it’s a bromance.

Stevie Nicks 2018
Source: Michael Kovac/Getty Images North America

It’s Stevie Nicks’ 70th birthday today.  It’s pretty much a holiday in this house.  We’re celebrating with cake and a concert video later.  I hope her day is filled with laughter and joy.  And air conditioning, because it’s freaking hot today.

I started reading Stephen King’s latest novel, The Outsider.  I’m well into the story already because it was incredibly hard to stop reading.  It’s psychologically intense to an astonishing degree.  I feel like King is showing off his mastery, and I’m in awe.  I’m off to continue reading.

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