“Phoebe,I just found my identical hand twin!”

collaborating students

I had rap lyrics drop on me again, today.  Only this time, I think the words are for me.  😳 After no thought, I decided I’m going to give rap another try.  I’m older and wiser now.  Gangsta rap is not in my wheelhouse because I can’t fake it unless it’s for comedic effect.  No gangsta ever came from South Dakota.  Heh.

The violent, angry tone of gangsta rap used to baffle me, but today it finally clicked.  As I pathetically spit the lyrics granted me by The Muse, I felt an aggression building within me.  I analyzed it and realized it’s because I was having a one-sided conversation with people I don’t trust.  🧐

I imagined what these untrusted people would spit back, and responded accordingly.  In real-time.  In hindsight, I’m appalled by what flowed.  It started out like a Jerry Seinfeld observation and progressed into me threatening to shoot any man who dared objectify me.  What the entire hell?  I was rapping in the privacy of my shower, but it’s still disturbing.

Granted, exaggeration (overreaction) is an overt ingredient, I don’t like that I even japed about violence toward the living.  So I changed it up and drew from my own life experiences.  The results were better this time.  But I thought about the Linkin Park song that goes, Hate my rhymes, but hate everyone else’s more.  (Except for that last bit, because I don’t have the receipts to throw shade on anyone’s verses.)  😂

I’m going to start a rap journal.  Probably on a computer, (because my handwriting is no better than that of a fifth grader who isn’t trying very hard.)  I have Grave’s Disease, which means I slightly tremble.  I adjusted to this minor irritant with my violin but decided handwriting is no longer necessary.  (Aside from my signature, anyway.)

students collaborating

It’s weird how I just know when inspiration is for me, and when I’m merely lucky enough to get a glimpse in it’s rawest form before it lands on the artist(s) who will create with it.  I know others have this ability.  When I see an artist and someone I’ve never heard of in a legal dispute over a song, I strongly suspect it.  It upsets me because I can’t imagine a reason (besides greed) to do anything but jump up and down with excitement if a famous artist recorded a song that came to me as well.

The song is being heard.  I can’t think of any other reason for a song to exist.  I’m going to share what I create using Creative Commons.  That way, if someone else received the inspiration too, but interprets it differently than I do, they can potentially benefit from my version.  It may clarify what they envision, or contain elements that can be recycled.  If they gain from it financially, yay.  I’m hella flattered, and probably just became a fan.  ✌🏽

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