“I, too, am a neat guy.”


Jay Z and Beyonce

So this happened.  A joint album by The Carter’s, titled, Everything Is Love.  The title refers to the Carters’ relationship, but it also sums up all my feels in its regard.  I need more dedicated listening time with it before I elaborate, but it had me at hello.  Also, I felt the tremor in The Force when it hit, and it was incredible.

The image above captures the overall message better than any words.  The Carter’s are doing alright.  Heh.  There are so many brilliant underlying details, I’m stunned.  When Eminem and Beyoncè sang, Walk On Water, I felt remorse for always expecting astonishing things from her like it’s easy.  I know when I watch her perform, I don’t allow myself to blink, because I don’t want to miss anything.

But here’s the thing:  Beyoncè exceeds my wildest expectations.  One of the perks of living in a smallish city are the times I encounter other African Americans about town.  There’s always acknowledgment.  (I think it’s a rule.)  I usually smile and say, hi, (because I’m midwestern to my core.)  Since June 16th, these moments have become mini celebrations.


Now, I say, Have you ever seen a crowd goin’ apeshit?  Immediately, what before was a casual moment becomes an exciting few moments of joy shared with a random stranger.  I love it.  Also, Beyoncè out rapped Jay Z.  Fight me.  I can’t wait until August when I see them perform live for the first time in my life.

I’m bringing Visine to use during the breaks because I will not be blinking.  Not gonna do it, she said, in her best Bush Sr. impersonation.  The video above was filmed in The Louvre.  Don’t miss it.  Lots of details and messages going on there, too.  I’m giddy over their success.  They made The American Dream work, despite everything.

Just thinking about all the work they did to get where they are today makes me feel overwhelmed.  I’m not as ambitious, which increases my awe.  I gain a lot of inspiration and strength from their examples, though.  I carry the influences of my Tribe of Amazing People in my mind wherever I go.  It’s a beautiful, diverse, creative group, and I’m grateful they exist.  💜


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