“Do you think she walked in, saw you, and left?”


I got a new client for the 4TD Project the other day.  I began the process of designing a prototype midi instrument today to help them continue playing music despite declining mobility.  My client is a fellow violinist (squee!) who has rheumatoid arthritis in his hands.  After spending the entire day researching and brainstorming, I’m excited to meet this challenge.

Naturally, my first step is always seeing if someone else thought of a way, and put it online.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything yet, but I did discover some cool midi instruments I was previously unaware existed.  They’re all mainly variations of a standard midi keyboard.  Only the shape and button position changes.

As a violinist, I understand the intimacy between a musician and their instrument.  I thought of many ideas today and will sleep on it tonight.  I’m acquiring lots of electronic components and parts in the process.  Guitar Hero is interested in assisting me on this project, which is fabulous.  Two brains are better than one.

It’s an excellent time to be alive where custom instruments are concerned.  The Maker movement has led to the wide availability of parts and materials.  3d printers help keep things pretty.  I just laughed recalling my original prototype for an electronic drum kit.  It was so fugly until the final product with 3d printed parts.  Heh.

music production equipment

I’ll update when we create a design.  It’s fun because there are so many things the client can do without causing pain in his hands.  It’s just remapping a little to bypass the problematic motions.  The hard part is choosing from all the possibilities.  I’m so excited I can’t wait to work on it again tomorrow.  Sleeping on it will clarify which direction I’ll take.  I’m off to dream it out.

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