“Not unless different means the same.”

It’s time for an updated game of Show-n-Tell.  My photography skills probably haven’t improved in the meantime.  Even though I think about photography more than in the past.  Heh.  I’m still using a cell phone (because I gave my DSLR away to someone who does more than think about photography.)  😂  I use Logic Pro X on my Mac computers, but I spend far more time on my latest PC build; which is the subject of these photos.

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The desk is named Lt. Dan.  (He recently got new legs.)  Atop the left speaker is Arnold from Hey Arnold.  On the right speaker is Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons.  The PC was a delight to assemble and configure.  (At least it was once I got a CPU cooler that didn’t block a RAM slot.)  The doll head is an Atari Punk Console synthesizer from Etsy.  I don’t think I’ve acquired any additional equipment since my last update.  I’ll take photos of the rest of the room soon.  It took a while to set it all up to function well and also look appealing.

I have 3 other computer stations in the same room, so planning was involved.  Most of the changes included rearranging and moving my drum kit to another space.  It can get relatively warm in here when I’m running multiple systems and bouncing between them.  I doubt I’ll have to use the heat this winter.  Yay.  I spend roughly 10 hours a day working here, so the atmosphere is significant.  I’m stunned by how much I’m positively affected by the ambient lighting.  The LEDs behind my screens slowly cycle through the color spectrum.

It feels like hanging out in a fairyland; complete with photos of Stevie Nicks, my Fairy Godmother.  It’s my happy place in the universe.  I also have the official movie poster from A Wrinkle in Time.  Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Chris Pine are on it.  You have to be amazing to make it on my walls.  Or imaginary, she said, recalling she has artwork of Ernie and Bert in the hallway.  I spoil my inner child.  😂

Here are the PC specs:

The only upgrade I hope to make in the future is a better midi keyboard.  The one I have works fine, but the keys are plastic and make noises when I play.  I anticipate this will be a con in the future, but for now, it’s all good.  I’ve researched what’s currently available, and at this point, I think I’ll just make my own midi keyboard when I upgrade.  I want a keyboard that can be 25 or 49 or 61 or 88 keys by snapping some more keys on magnetically or something.  Same with the features.  I want to be able to add what I need when I need it and not be bothered with shit I don’t.

I’m also not attached to the black and white scheme of traditional pianos.  When I push a button or key, I want it to acknowledge with sound and light.  I don’t know about other people, but I can’t track two things at the same time with just my ears or only my eyes.   It’s probably an autism thing.  If more than one person speaks to me simultaneously, the result is the same as if nobody is talking to me.  However, if one uses sign language or gestures, and one speaks, I can grok both messages.  I just need a moment to convince myself that responding to one person at a time is wiser than panicking.

It’s not skill related, so I’m going to design around it.  Eventually.  When I’m not in the midst of a 4TD project.  I’m off to beat my drums with sticks.  💜


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