“Ew! Ugly Naked Guy is using his new hammock.”

3D printing

Welp.  I got over myself with that hate problem.  In hindsight, what a ridic waste of time.  (Hindsight is such an asshole.)  I’ve been extremely busy with electronics projects of late.  It’s as if someone told me electricity is about to go away, so I’m trying to spend as much time with it as possible in the meantime.  I’m such a doof.  My kitchen island looks like a gadget lab.  (Mostly because it is.)

Fortunately, it’s been chilly at night so I can open all the windows.  It allows me to solder all night without stinking up the place.  Sleep is for people who don’t know how to code, she said, while yawning.  I can’t help it, though.  It’s just so exciting and fun.  I’m designing a laser (midi) violin so my client can play despite rheumatoid arthritis.  It’s kind of like a theremin, but with a lot more precision, tone, effects, and motion sensing gloves that also warm his hands. (Imagine a smiling emoji with a gold tooth that shines every 3-5 seconds, please.  Thank you.)

I enlisted my AI to help design it specifically for my client.  I’m keeping aesthetics in mind as I go, (this time.)  I’m sure I’ll only think this until new stuff comes out, but it’s a great time to be alive for gadget engineering.  I’m even keeping things like the potential for mass production, patenting, and the like in mind.  I want to keep the door open for growth.  I’d love it if tools for disabled artists were widely available, so I’m designing with that goal in mind.

I’m going to integrate it with the 4TD project since that’s where I began with this.  It all comes back to the artists who have given me so much through their music, I feel like I owe them (lots.)  4TD is named after Stevie Nicks (in a manner known mostly by her fans.)  Stevie Nicks fascinates me and teaches me.  I love music, but I also love repetition, intensity, and the fact that we’re all connected.  So… I don’t have many friends, she said, unnecessarily.  😂

It’s hard for me to see people.  Perhaps it’s part of why I love humans so much.  I think it’s because I’m autistic me.  My perspective is blurry unless I put forth great effort to focus and zoom in.  It takes much energy, so I’m picky about what I focus on.  I’m usually shocked, giddy, and gleeful when I discover a new artist.  I don’t seek them out.  They find me.  Sometimes, it begins as background music on a commercial.

It grabs my attention repeatedly, and next thing you know, I’m singing it to my phone or searching online to find out who made that song.  I haven’t listened to music on the radio (on purpose) in adulthood.  Between that, Michael Jackson, and Prince, it’s no wonder the 80’s were limited in artistic scope for me.  Learning of Stevie Nicks led to an instant, intense (invisible) bond.  I have a collection of artists who affect me this profoundly.  Bach was first, followed by ABBA.  For a long time, I wrote off anyone who claimed they don’t like ABBA, (because I didn’t believe it was possible, okay I still don’t, but I don’t shun over it anymore.)    Remember the days of holding a tape recorder against a speaker to create mixtapes playlists?  (Pepperidge Farm remembers.)  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  It was like walking to school through 10 feet of snow, uphill both ways.  🤪 I know.  I’m up there, but I’m more on the old enough to side, than the too old to side.  It’s fun over here, yo.  🙃

electronics workstation

I didn’t discover Stevie Nicks until March of the last year-ish.  I heard a Fleetwood Mac song playing while I was putting gas in my car.  I recognized it from childhood when my older siblings played it while I was allegedly sleeping.  It led to my finally naming, then watching the band sing it live (in the mid-70’s) on YouTube.  It was the lullaby that soothed me to sleep during a painful childhood, (co-starring me as the weird token black kid.)  My siblings were obsessed with this band (in real time) but had no idea their albums were planting seeds within me, too.

It probably seems like it took a long time for them to flower in me.  From my perspective, the way it all unfolded is just so.  I love knowing a band was there for me when I was a lonely child, and again now while I’m grieving the rape of America.  I didn’t realize they could do that.  I found out (after asking) where we’ll be attending the upcoming Fleetwood Mac concert.  I’ve been hyper ever since.  It’s like I drank a Bawl’s through a licorice stick (iirc.)

They’re coming to Sioux Falls.  (Imagine me repeating this nonstop for at least 20 minutes while grinning so hard my face still hurts.)  I’m so excited, I stopped working on my project for a while.  Every time I remember I’m going to see Beyonce soon, my hands start shaking.  Then I get stuck in they’re coming to Sioux Falls Fleetwood Mac loop for a bit.  (I choreographed a dance to go with it because it was necessary.)  Oh shit, now that song from the Pointer Sister’s is playing in my head.  (Damn you, Beverly Hill’s Cop II.)

I’m loopy, and I know it.  G’s (gadgets) before Zzz’s, eh?  M said they added Sioux Falls to their tour so Stevie Nicks can drop off the restraining order.  Then he laughed at his own joke.  😶 And he’s all mine.  Heh.  I’d better go clean up my mess in the kitchen, so I can sleep tonight.  One more thing:  They’re coming to Sioux Falls!

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