“Promise me, Ned.”

whooked crowd

Thank you to everyone involved in the epic creation known as HBO’s Game of Thrones. Never have I ever been so entertained by a television show. Nor have I invested so much of my time, hope, excitement, and admiration.

I trusted in the story, and you delivered ā€” all of you who poured your talent and hearts into a project so mighty it grabbed the attention of the world and held us spellbound until the final scene.

The internet gave us a voice, and we shouted over one another in our desperate attempts to gain some control of the narrative. We care that much. (We’re sassy and demanding because and we’ve invested much of ourselves in the story, too.)

But above the clamor, please hear this: You nailed it so hard. Well done. Thank you. (And don’t forget to flex. šŸ’ŖšŸ½) šŸ’œ

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