“I’m pretty sure she’s baked on a professional level.”

happy child

Oh. My. God.  Evanescence recorded Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain for Gears 5.  I can die now.  I’m sofa king happy.  I literally just listened to it for the first time while practicing my drums.  Then I had to stop and get my breathing under control.  It’s so perfect on so many levels I can’t believe my head didn’t explode.  I still need to calm down a tiny bit before I go listen again.  My heart is in my throat.

I feel like Stevie Nicks, and Amy Lee just gave me a personalized gift, on top of everything else.  (Snapshot. Save forever.)  I’m off to listen on repeat while beaming.

Update (hours later):  I’ve listened several times with my best monitor speakers.  Next, with ATH-M50x headphones.  In both cases, the song sounds excellent.  My neighbors can’t hear me unless they’re just outside my door, so I listened as loudly as I dared on repeat for a while before switching to headphones.  I tried a few times with my Bose QC35’s and was delighted to discover it still sounded terrific (considering Bluetooth and, well, Bose.)

At that point, I was like, let’s see if my new Apple ear air pod Pro’s (or whatever) can handle Evanescence.  Note, this is the first time I tried listening to music with them, even though I got them on release day.  (I’ve only used them for podcasts and audiobooks so far.)  Home run, Apple.  These are my first earphones created by Apple that are no longer factory sealed.

The transparent photos with blow-ups of the parts that morphed into place on the website as I scrolled convinced me to purchase.  (Also, cool.) I loved them immediately and am delighted with my purchase.  Back to Amy Lee.  She reaches me just like Solange; it almost hurts to stop listening to her music until it’s imprinted on my soul.  Then I can play it anytime in my head (which is a skill that saved my life more than once.)

Whenever I need it, Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac plays in my head.  It’s one of my lullabies.  Chiquitita by ABBA is another.  To me, Rhiannon is about Rihanna.  (I know the math doesn’t work out, but this is one instance where I don’t give a shit about math.)  It’s a song about Rihanna and water is wet.  Back to Amy Lee.  (I love her so much.)  The Evanescence version of The Chain is excellent, and I hope they shoot a video.  (The pause!!!) Okay, back to listening.  ✌🏽💜

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