“I have no future here.”

it's a trap

Tears stream down my face.

A sadness so deep it aches.

A moment of hope for my race?


I fucking hate this place.


Please don’t murder me.

Please don’t hate me.

Please stop hurting me.


Please set me free.


Trust running a bit thin.

Why am I begging again?

I have nightmares of murder by a racist knee.


There’s no future here for me.


No more patiently waiting.

No more false intentions.

No more empty promises.

No more fake interventions.


I’ll gladly settle for reparation.

Not money.

Not land,

but final separation.


Euthanize me from this pain.

Put a needle in my vein.

Freedom is at the finish line.

Keep your heaven, I decline.


Just put me down gently.

I’m too tired to beg.

This feels like a trap.

A pending renege.


I don’t want to be here

when the verdicts come in.

For the destruction and bloodshed

when the riots begin.


I suspect it’s a trap.

Civil war is the plan.

Soviet revenge.

Led by an orange man.


Enjoy the upheaval.

So much change for your heirs.

I’ll be sure to include them

in my thoughts and prayers.

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